We are a conscious knitwear brand created by a mother of two. Born in Mallorca and inspired by our Mediterranean lifestyle, MoonLoom is originally a pandemic passion project turned into a beautiful and colorful reality.

Designed out of love and appreciation for all natural things, our makers weave magic into every stitch of our garments. 


By combining technology with tradition, our collection integrates both classical knitting practices and cool contemporary design. Mindfully designed in Mallorca and lovingly made in Romania, our ‘tight-knit’ team work collectively on delivering only the most comfortable, practical yet stunning clothing.

With our carefully-selected range of soft and organic materials, our commitment to quality knitwear can be felt in every single stitch. We weave intention and artistry into all of our fabrics. No wonder they’re so cozy and irresistable!


Family life means everything to us and we salute the crazy, wild and adventure-filled life with children. 

When we design, we keep everyone in mind, filling the family wardrobe with ‘inclusive knitwear.’ We like to think that families have their own fabrics. Some are smooth, some are rough, some are large, some are small, yet each family is beautiful in our eyes.

We wholeheartedly embrace all the highs and lows of parenthood and hope that all families can find ease and peace in our comfy and cuddly creations. 


To wear on a day out adventuring, for an evening in or to put on for lunch with the grandparents, our kids’ collection is perfect for dressing up or down and everything in-between.  Most garments are gender neutral and designed for ages two to eight.


We don’t just ‘copy cat’ the kids' styles, when we design we keep adults in mind. Our adult collection is specially made to best fit grown ups. Because you can never have enough knits, complete your family wardrobe with matching, casual and comfortable one-size clothing. 


From hand-dyeing the yarn before the garment is knitted or tie-dyeing after the garment has been knitted, our process always entails an element of surprise, where the final results are especially wonderful and magical.

The slight variations from piece to piece make each one unique which is something we deeply treasure, value and continuously encourage in our studio. 


Imagine the magic that’s made when a series of needles work together to knit a simple strand of yarn into a series of loops and stitches. You are left with infinite possibilities! Be it by hand or machine, we love to create our own unique fabrics with imaginative structures and patterns using different kinds of yarn, needle thickness, tension and gauge.

Knitting is one of the oldest forms of clothing that dates back to 11th Century Egypt. Once considered a life skill, rather than a hobby, the origin of knitting lay on the basic human need for clothing protection against the elements. 

Being a historical and essential garment, to us knitwear is the very definition of creativity, quality, comfort and durability.

It’s cozy