our commitment

We have a clear intention, to always do our part and what is within our reach in order to contribute to the global and collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

A Lighter Footprint

Beyond sustainability, responsibility lies at the core of what we do and how we produce. In order to create a lighter footprint, we have undertaken certain impact initiatives from the get-go:


With the aim to reduce, we removed unnecessary waste and plastic from our practices and our packaging.


As an e-commerce, our business relies on shipping orders around the world which contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transport industry. Due to our strong sense of environmental responsibility we have made it our business to do so sustainably. 

To make this possible we have partnered with DHL’s GoGreen environmental protection program to make all our shipments carbon-neutral, which offset the emissions emitted during all our transportation operations. 

Year after year, transparent and detailed reports identify and monitor our carbon footprint which will provide valuable information on the environmental impact of our shipping operations - an indispensable tool for achieving our sustainability goals.